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Membership in CPAO is initiated upon submitting an application to the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will determine whether or not to recommend membership to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors determines whether to pass the application on to the full membership for final approval.

We offer a variety of membership options as described below. If you have questions about the membership categories, please contact us for more information.

Provider Membership

Provider Membership is open to any corporation, partnership or other duly recognized entity licensed or certified by the State of Oregon to operate a community based facility or program for Oregon citizens with disabilities.

Professional Membership

Professional Membership is open to any individual licensed, registered, or certified in the State of Oregon to professionally support people with disabilities.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to any corporation, partnership, or other duly recognized entity that does not meet the definition of Provider.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership is open to anyone who support the mission and vision of CPAO.

Benefits of Membership


CPAO supports the National Advocacy Campaign, which addresses Medicaid funding and workforce issues. Objectives of the campaign include obtaining wage and benefit enhancements, creating need for a national policy to address workforce shortages, demonstrating the critical role direct support professionals make in enhancing the lives of Americans with disabilities, securing incentive for solidifying a career path for direct support professionals, and building the level of public awareness of the depth of private provider services.


CPAO, employs an experienced lobbyist who represents the interests of providers with the legislature as well as with state and local agencies. Members are kept current with what’s happening in Salem and are provided opportunities for effective and timely interaction with legislators. As an influential and respected voice in Oregon, CPAO has successfully sponsored legislation that allows a fair and equitable process for providers to address issues with government entities without fear of reprisal. Always an on-going priority is the critical issues of fair and adequate funding.

Track bills in the legislature that could affect provider organizations and services to supported individuals through This is a free complimentary service to all CPAO members.


Group interaction and dialogue create mutual support and give rise to the greatest learning. Members readily mentor other members and share the advantages of their knowledge and experience. CPAO members bring insight and information from their involvement in regional, state, and national programs to the association. CPAO offers numerous opportunities to exchange ideas, innovations, and strategies. Members utilize CPAO as a sounding board to handle challenges or to work out their own ideas or plans.

ANCOR Membership

CPAO is a member of the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR). We have an appointed Association Representative as well as the State of Oregon Representative so that our members are always informed and involved with ANCOR activities. For more information, visit the ANCOR website at logo


Membership dues are based on gross revenue from the State of Oregon for contracted services. The dues for each year are payable in full each January. New member dues are pro-rated starting the month in which membership is approved.

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